Monday, March 14, 2016

Brutal Tunnel Falls Hike via Eagle Creek Trail

Even when it all seems hopeless keep pushing forward.

The Tunnel Falls hike
 by far is the longest hike that I have ever done. We are about 4 miles out when one of my legs starts to cramp and seize up. Things went from bad to worse as my second leg starts to fail me. If only I had better prepared for this, then maybe I wouldn't have been stuck in this situation...

Man hiking on a wood covered trail

Hiking the Eagle Creek Trail to Tunnel Falls

Like any other day in August, the sun is shining overhead with clouds sparsely dotting the sky above. Now, this is the type of weather you want to have when hiking anywhere in Oregon. Today my mom, her friend and I were going on a hike. The hike we were going on was the Eagle Creek Trail all the way to Tunnel Falls! A quick perusing of the Internet shows that it is only 12 miles round trip.

How hard could that be? I postulate to myself. At 30 minutes per mile adding in breaks for photos and snacks, it shouldn't take more than six-and-a-half hours tops, maybe seven.

We had gone up this trail once before to Punch Bowl Falls, which is about 2 miles one way.

The day started later than previously anticipated as my mom's friend is a bit delayed with calls and such. No matter.

I should mention now that I am wearing sandals which are actually quite comfy.