Monday, January 25, 2016

Oneonta Gorge is Packed in the Summer

Fight, fight with all your might, no matter what gets in your way.

From Crowds to Waist-Deep Water

No doubt about it, Oneonta Gorge is a hike like no other. I had prepared for it by bringing along a waterproof phone case... and that is about it. Camera, camera bag, and tripod were all at the mercy of the elements as I dragged them along.

Let the adventure begin

The day is like any other day in Oregon on a summer day; mildly warm, not too hot. The sun is out and the trees are blowing.

Oneonta Gorge is magnificent yet crowded. Upon first arrival, there are lines of cars parked on all sides of the road. We are lucky to find a spot that is not too far from the start of our "trail".

After a not so long walk along the side of the road, we walk comes across the Oneonta Tunnel.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

The Allure of Mt. Saint Helens

Half the adventure is getting there, the rest is getting lost in its beauty.

Mt. Saint Helens on a cloud but bright summer day
Majestic Mt. Saint Helens by Calvin Hodgson CC-by-SA 4.0

Get Lost, Find Something Extraordinary

You can say that winding your way through what seems like endless rows of green pine trees is a travel nightmare. Yet, you may just so happen to stumble upon something you would have never seen had you gone on the road more traveled.

In between the wavering trees and the glistening streams that pepper alongside the roadside you will glimpse upon a grey and white giant, a fortress rising above the trees and into the heavens. This, of course, being Mt. Saint Helens.

It is not far now.

In between trying to figure where the hell we are and enjoying the splendid beauty of Washington, it emerges in full view. It is hard to think that this once green land could have been turned into molten rock and ash. Nature is always hardy and continues to grow, even amidst the threat of the mountain of doom!

It is a brisk afternoon with little wind and plenty of pine trees and sap to fill one's lungs. The sun is finicky today making brief hellos before hiding back under the cover of its clouds. From this vantage, it appears we have undershot our original destination, the Johnston Ridge Observatory.